Whatever shape you would like to make, whether it is a ball, flat or three-dimensional
shape, GEA Aquarius has the right machine for the job. With continuous rotary operation, all GEA Aquarius machines are distinguished by their compactness, simplicity, flexibility and excellent performance.

Innovative features and options that contribute to cost effectiveness, consistency and quality 

  • Clean In Place - this system will clean, dry and lubricate the forming set in approximately 20 minutes which will save on labor costs. 
  • Virtual Network Connection - enables you to set parameters and operate your machine via a laptop. Could be helpful to still operate machine when your touchscreen is not working sufficKent. 
  • Back up power supply for controls - will secure machine settings and prevent damage to PLC and drives in case of power failure. 
  • Set of spare parts - this package covers the majority of wear and tear parts for operation during a period of approximately 2 years. 
  • Easy exchange set - to enable change over format set within approximately one hour