Cheese Making Equipment

Curd Drainage, Maturation & Feeding

Curd drainage and maturation systems

GEA has worked alongside industry to develop complete systems for curd feeding, drainage and maturation, which give our customers versatile options for processing a wide range of pasta filata cheeses. Our batch and continuous solutions will let you produce the highest quality curd cheeses, whatever your process.

GEA offers fully automated batch maturation and drainage systems that can process up to 1,250 kg of curd cheese. Our continuous drainage and maturation solutions are ideal for processing for higher throughputs. All GEA systems allow maturation both in and out of the whey, are designed to highly configurable, cost effective and sustainable.

GEA technologies guarantee gentle curd handling and programmable, controlled curd heating, cooling and retention times. Teflon coated augers with electronic control, finely adjustable cylinder rotation and guillotine cutters and precisely heated cylinder jackets guarantee reproducible and reliable processing. 

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