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Cheese making vats

GEA portfolio of cylindrical coagulators and hydraulic setting vats has been developed to offer flexible processing for a range of pasta filata cheeses, from the small scale right up to industrial scale manufacturing. We have used our in depth understanding of the industry and engineering expertise to design solutions for processing top quality pasta filata cheese from established and new recipes.

Coagulator units from GEA can be configured to process curd with enzymes, and/or citric acid. Offering precise temperature control and the reliability of servo-motor drives, our technology ensures homogeneous and gentle mixing for top quality texture and flavor of curds. GEA’s hydraulic setting vats with overturnable cradles can be configured to process up to 5,000 liters of milk per cycle, and allow curd coagulation either in or out of whey.

Whichever systems our customers choose, they can rely on the most efficient, reliable processing. PLC control of both our cylindrical and hydraulic setting vats ensures precise operating parameters and allows fast recall and switching between processes. 

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