The GEA range of retail filling systems includes high accuracy auger fillers that are designed to pack powdered products into cans or jars.

The range includes a single head filler with an integrated seaming system for low throughput compact operations and two continuous rotary filler models for rates of up to 135 cpm. Tare and gross check-weighers provide feedback.

GEA offer a variety of filling heads that are tailored to meet your needs. Depending on your product range, we recommend auger, vacuum or combination auger/vacuum heads to achieve the essential combination of speed, accuracy and gentle handling.

All our filling heads are designed for easy maintenance and rapid changeover for a variety of can sizes. 

Key features include

  • high speed rotary filling
  • auger vacuum filling technique
  • up to 135 containers/minute
  • tare/gross check-weighing with feedback
  • inert environment filling option. 

GEA's high speed powder fillers are used by all the major packers of powdered infant formula and baby food.