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Modified Atmosphere Packing (M.A.P.)


Customers wishing to preserve the flavor of their powdered food and dairy products can apply our modified atmosphere packing (M.A.P.) technology to their powder handling and packing plants.

GEA understands that as customers needs for flexibility in product manufacture change, the functionality of their packing systems must also be able to accommodate this requirement. 

As powdered products are shipped around the world and often held in storage for extended periods, there is a real risk of degradation, which may limit the useful life of the product.

For more than 20 years, GEA has been supplying gas packing technology to the food and dairy industries to enable our customers to deal with the logistics of storage and shipping valuable powdered products.

Our solution comprises modifications to the powder feed and the filling systems to ensure complete control of the atmosphere in the finished pack.

Using a combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to effectively blanket the product prior to closing the bag, we can increase the shelf-life to several years, making it an ideal solution for companies wishing to bulk store products to suit their manufacturing cycle or to take advantage of seasonal demand and pricing around the world.

  • tried and proven M.A.P. system
  • multiple gas injection points during the bag filling and closing process
  • retrofit options are available
  • safe and reliable operation
  • increased shelf-life of powdered products
  • flexibility to handle a wider range of products
  • reduced risk of oxidation
  • ability to store products at higher ambient temperatures
  • improved flavor during longer periods of storage.
All powder fillers in our current range (excluding the manual systems) can be upgraded to M.A.P.


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