The filling of sensitive beverages in a cold chain distribution demands high levels of hygiene and safety. GEA’s range of volumetric electronic fillers has been designed to meet those clean environment requirements.

The key feature of GEA’s ESL fillers is hygienic, clean filling within a controlled environment, combined with the best performance in terms of filling speed, accuracy and flexibility. The fillers are enclosed in a Clean Box wherein ultraclean environment is maintained during production with an overpressure of sterile air. The high accuracy and performance of the machine is achieved through the use of magnetic flow meters.

For this reason, ESL fillers are manufactured according to a ’scrap-free’ design that minimizes product wastage during start up, product changeover or shutdown.

The complete NeckFlex bottle handling system enables rapid changeovers for any PET or HDPE container with the same neck design. Clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-based sterilization procedures are controlled automatically for high reliability and accurate control of the entire system.