After many years of experience in the technique of aseptic blow fill (ABF), GEA has developed ESL Blow Fill technology for sensitive products that are to be distributed through the cold chain.

The key principle for ESL blow moulding, just as with ABF, is the concept of decontaminating  the preform instead of the bottle. Once the preforms are decontaminated they are kept in an ultraclean controlled environment to avoid any kind of re-contamination. This is possible only by ensuring that the environment in which the decontaminated preforms and bottles move is protected and cleanable

throughout. To achieve this, the ultraclean part of the system is completely enclosed in a ’clean box’ that has an overpressure of filtered, sterile air to prevent the sterile environment making any contact with external, non-sterile components or air. This prevents any risk of recontamination.

ABF 4C has been designed specifically for the blowing and filling of PET bottles. The technology provides a clearly defined ultraclean zone that meets the most stringent requirements of clean production. All the components within the ultraclean zone can be easily cleaned.