GEA offers a variety of sterilization technologies for any PET preform, PET/HDPE bottle and/or closure, allowing beverages with different pH values to be filled on the same system.

In all sterilization technologies, a microbiological isolator equipped with intervention gloves provides a physical barrier between the external environment and the controlled area, wherein blowing, filling and capping processes are performed.

Using a combined chemical and mechanical action, GEA’s peracetic acid (PAA) technology uses a single PAA solution to sterilize both the internal and external surfaces of the bottle and caps. Applied using penetrating nozzles, the efficiency of each nozzle is automatically checked by a ’Smart Sensor’ to ensure the correct sterilization of each bottle. Our FDA-approved technology can be 

used with any bottle or closure, with almost no limit on material, shape and size.

GEA’s hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) technology for preform and cap sterilization uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) at a controlled temperature, concentration, contact time and flow rate, to achieve high levels of sterilization. The single-step treatment reaches both the internal and external body and neck surfaces of the preform, and takes place between the oven and aseptic blowing stages. Cap sterilization is performed within a ‘sterilization chamber’.

GEA’s hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) technology for bottles also uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) to treat their internal and external surfaces. Upright bottles are treated on a carousel and subsequently purged to minimize peroxide residue. The H2O2 flow is continuously checked by the ‘Smart Sensor’ to ensure that every bottle is treated appropriately. Caps or foil can also be treated with VHP.