The choice of decontamination technology depends largely on the application. GEA offers a range of technologies for container decontamination that is an essential part of the Extended Shelf Life (ESL) process.

The choice of technology depends largely on each customer’s requirements and factors relating to raw material quality, product pasteurization and cold chain temperature. GEA offers a fully dry decontamination treatment for any PET/HDPE bottles or closures and guarantees effective and reliable extended shelf life for cold chain distribution.

ESL technology developed by GEA allows the filling of

beverages with different pH levels (from High Acid to Low Acid) on the same system.

Dry decontamination is performed through a Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) treatment and it is able to achieve up to 3 Log reduction on A.brasiliensis with cold spot inoculum test (challenge test).

Careful analysis and monitoring of critical control points allows both VHP and CHP treatment to be controlled automatically for high efficiency, reliability and perfect system management.

When talking about caps/foil decontamination, the solution is H2O2 treatment that guarantees target decontamination levels in accordance with ESL Standards.