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Box & Drum Powder Fillers

GEA Avapac Box Drum Filling

The choice of packaging format is often driven by a consumers needs. GEA understands the requirement for a flexible system to handle a wide range of packaging types. To meet this need, we have developed a range of solutions to handle flexible bags, boxes and drums for powder filling applications.

These solutions extend the capability of our powder fillers to handle the widest range of packaging media in a single machine. Quick-change parts enable the operator to quickly configure the filler to handle either bags, boxes or drums as required for the product.

An automatic bag-loading system is available for fully automated packing. When filling boxes or drums, however, these can be fed into the line using optional in-feed chain conveyors and control gates.

Downstream, the bags are closed using conventional sealing technology, whereas the boxes and drums may either be sealed using static impulse sealing or simply manually "goose-necked" and tied off.

For fillers that handle bags, boxes and drums, the down stream handling system can be configured to automatically divert each package type to pass along a separate line to the finished product store.

Customers with very exacting requirements for their packing plants look to GEA to provide specialist solutions that meet their needs.

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