GEA offers a range of volumetric electronic fillers that meet stringent clean environment requirements. Any kind of drink can be filled: high acid, low acid, with and without pulps, fibers, pieces, still and carbonated.

The filling of sensitive beverages demands high levels of hygiene and safety. GEA aseptic fillers eliminate any possible risk to the product, pay special attention to crucial environmental control, and achieve the best performance in terms of filling speed, accuracy and flexibility. The fillers are enclosed in a microbiological isolator in which the environment is sterilized before starting production. The sterility is maintained during production with an overpressure of sterile air.

The volumetric electronic design uses magnetic flow meters to guarantee the high level of filling accuracy and the performance of the machine.

All GEA fillers can be connected with a full bottle control system for advanced sampling and monitoring.

The complete bottle ’neck handling’ system enables a very quick changeover for any container with the same neck design. The CIP cup insertion and extraction for closed-loop internal cleaning is completely automatic.

PET and HDPE bottles both can be filled with all GEA fillers.