Blow filling is only aseptic when the blowing component is aseptic; as such, it is imperative that a sterile and sterilizable environment within the stretch blow molding wheel is maintained.

Aseptic blow fill technology meets the growing market demand for a more sustainable and user friendly method of aseptic PET filling.

The principle behind aseptic blow filling is to sterilize the preform instead of the bottle. Once treated, the preforms must be kept in a sterile environment to avoid contamination. This also depends on ensuring that the environment in which the sterile preforms and bottles move is sterilizable and cleanable throughout. The sterile part of the system must be enclosed in a 

microbiological isolator that generates an overpressure of filtrated sterile air to prevent any contact with potential sources of contamination, such as external, non-sterile components or air.

As blow filling relies on aseptic blowing, ABF has been designed accordingly and, as such, the sterile zone must be clearly defined. The Airstar blowing machine is the first aseptic blower with a distinctly defined sterile zone available on the market.

Designed from scratch using the company’s, many years of aseptic line experience, the Airstar blowing machine meets the industry’s most stringent aseptic requirements.