Blow-filling is aseptic only when blowing is aseptic and this is reached only maintaining the environment within the stretch blow moulding wheel sterile and sterilizable.

Aseptic Blow Fill technology answers to the growing need from the market for a more sustainable and user-friendly solution for PET Aseptic Filling.

The principle of Aseptic Blow Filling is preform sterilization instead of bottle sterilization. Once the preforms become sterile, they must be kept in a sterile environment, avoiding any kind of re-contamination. This is possible only by ensuring that the environment in which the sterile preforms and bottles move is sterilizable and cleanable throughout. The sterile part of the system must be enclosed in a 

microbiological isolator that generates an overpressure of filtrated sterile air avoiding any kind of contact with external non-sterile components or air and, therefore, any risk of recontamination.

Blow-filling is aseptic only when blowing is aseptic. ABF has been designed according to this basic rule of aseptic design: the sterile zone must be clearly defined. What’s more, the Airstar blowing machine is the only aseptic blower on the market as it is the only blower with a clearly defined sterile zone.

The Airstar blowing machine was designed from a clean sheet, using the know-how the company has gained through many years of designing aseptic lines, to meet all the most stringent aseptic requirements.