Manure Spreading

Liquid Manure Spreaders

EL44 Steerable Manure Spreader

For over 20 years, GEA has designed remarkably effective spreader tanks. Forerunner in manure management innovative and effective product development, GEA offers you a comprehensive line of strong and durable liquid manure spreaders to assist you in the never end task of managing livestock manure. Our priority is to offer you with rugged, high-performance, dependable equipment in carry out your operations in the safest possible manner. Now sold worldwide, The GEA liquid manure spreaders are recognized for their high quality level of manufacturing, their reliability, durability and the several features proposed that make them convenient to operate and easy to service. Our line of liquid manure spreaders suits all size of livestock farms, as much as the hauling requirements of today’s custom operators. Discover this unique line of products that keeps on maintaining a high level of quality and performance.


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