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A good barn climate is a fundamental requirement for a high level of cow comfort. And this pays off. It ensures that milk production yields increase and reduces the costs of energy and ventilation, both in summer and in winter.

As a Total Solutions provider GEA offers you a range of tried and tested systems to improve the stall climate on your farm using simple but well thought out means. To this end, we can provide equipment such as climate computers, ventilation systems and various fans for installation into flat roofs, sloping roofs or directly above the feeding place.

 In addition, you can find the most suitable stall curtains for separating the milking stall from the milking parlor, as well as screening off the stall from outside. In line with our Total Solutions strategy, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your parlor and combined with each other as desired. Get all of the solutions required for a good stall climate from a single source. 

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