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GEA provides a full range of spray drying units and services to companies working with the development of spray dried pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical grade products.

Spray drying is a preferred technique for a growing number of companies benefitting from it as an ‘enabling technology’ to improve the performance of poorly soluble APIs by producing an amorphous solid dispersion, to obtain controlled release or taste-masking, or to produce advanced powders with specific properties. Spray drying is ultrafast and gentle drying technology that offers unique ways to define particle characteristics and enable the development of novel formulations and delivery systems that were previously unattainable. Because spray drying is a continuous process, it offers both high productivity and uniform product quality.

For eight decades, GEA, has been a pioneer in all aspects of spray drying and has contracted and installed more than 10,000 plants worldwide. We have a a long history of serving the pharmaceutical industry, and our supply includes spray dryers for R&D and product development, as well as equipment and complete lines for cGMP, continuous and highly contained production.

At GEA's Test Centre in Copenhagen - the world’s largest and most advanced spray drying technology centre - our vast knowledge of spray drying is available for companies investigating the potential of the technology. The Test Centre includes a fully equipped GMP Pharmaceutical Spray Drying facility approved according to European Medicines Agency (EMA) regulations available also for contract manufacturing.


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