Lyophil_LYOVAC_Production_Freeze Dryer

GEA's thorough understanding of the lyophilization process enables them to supply a comprehensive range of products and services, comprising laboratory equipment, pilot plants for research and small-scale production batches, industrial size production pharmaceutical freeze dryers as well as complete freeze dryer systems consisting of one or multiple modules plus ALUS™ (Automatic Loading and Unloading System), integrated isolators and CIP-skids.

Offering a variety of both cost-effective standard and highly customized options, GEA's modular equipment extends from R&D to standalone production plants and high-capacity systems for bulk product applications.

Plant configuration capacities extend from specialized solutions for highly potent products to two-storey units and fully integrated systems with multiple freeze dryers and loading systems (with or without the integration of your chosen filling system supplier). The design and manufacture of each module and system component is done in accordance with all cGMP, CE, GAMP and 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines, meeting the strictest requirements and regulatory standards around the world.
In addition, the company’s retrofit expertise enables customers to extend the life of their freeze dryers and to cope with changing requirements and regulations. GEA freeze dryers help to reduce the cost of freeze drying while maintaining quality and performance, making validation and documentation easier and reducing delivery times.

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