GEA, one of the world's leading companies in mechanical and plant engineering, will participate in the upcoming virtual ACHEMA Pulse (15–16 June) and address some of the key issues facing today’s manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals.

Despite the incredible achievements that have been made in terms of developing and delivering a number of approved and administered Covid-19 vaccines in recent times, governments, politicians and the general public alike are still questioning why it takes 3-5 years to bring a commercial-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant to full operational functionality.

Furthermore, they want to know what can be done about it. GEA Group’s Heinrich Meintrup, Head of Pharma & Healthcare, believes that the key to significantly shortening this timeframe is modularization, digitalization and collaboration. In his presentation, “How Can We Fast-Track Vaccine Plant Production and Ensure Safety of Outcome?” he will explain how, based on a foundation of trust and existing know-how, working with a partnership approach can reduce the complexity, cost and risk of successful drug production.

By subscribing to a philosophy of standardization and modularization, a digitally enhanced project delivery process and keeping the number of interfaces to a minimum, significant gains can be made.

“We have to make the best use of existing intelligent solutions,” advises Meintrup, “adhere to current standards and regulations, and focus on mutually agreed targets and incentives. Disruptions and delays can cost millions of dollars; but, by taking a smarter and leaner approach, GEA believes that the design, construction and qualification of pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and facilities can be accelerated, simplified and delivered with predictable outcomes in a shorter timeframe.”

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