Cruise passenger numbers are booming all over the world. With the new structure, GEA has developed the key advantage in a rapidly growing and demanding market. By combining different expertise GEA is able to offer customers a broader product portfolio from a single source to make sure that crew and passengers feel comfortable.

Regarding current market trends in the cruise industry like ship size and sustainability, GEA is able to meet the customers’ demands with environmentally-friendly equipment and tailor-made solutions. At the Marine Trade Fairs Seatrade Cruise Global, currently taking place in Fort Lauderdale, USA, (March 13-16, 2017, German Pavilion, booth 229-28), as well as the upcoming NorShipping in Oslo, Norway, (May 30 - June 2, 2017, hall E, booth 03-09) GEA will highlight the latest technologies and service solutions for the marine industry. 

Size matters – GEA does it all

At the moment, some cruise lines are expanding the size of their cruise vessels. The largest cruise ship for example has capacity for 6,000 passengers, but this number will be shortly increased to new dimensions. A reverse development is that of smaller, more exclusive cruise vessels with capacity for just 200 passengers; a market tendency that signals a high level of luxury with rarer and more remote destinations. Two trends appealing to different segments, but both are relevant to GEA as the equipment on these ship types is part of GEA’s portfolio.

When it comes to important aspects like sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint, GEA is able to meet these demands as all equipment is being optimized regularly in terms of low energy consumption and waste production. Michael Fibbe, Product Sales Manager for GEA’s Marine Equipment, underlines: “The key words are less energy consumption and less emissions, which GEA can tailor to any customers’ requirements. We even design specialized systems such as bilge purifiers that clean the bilge water – thus protecting the ocean by ensuring that no oil is dumped in the water.” New developments like the GEA CatFineMaster for maximum fuel quality, or the GEA BallastMaster marineX with a new inline driver design, as well as the future-proof 5ppm GEA BilgeMaster systems – all in line with IMO standards – set new standards in the Marine industry.

Sustainable solutions for cooling by using CO2

Marc Prinsen, Head of Application Center Marine at GEA, adds: ”We also challenge the high demand of sustainable solutions to phase out synthetic refrigerants and replace them with natural ones, like CO2. Using CO2 for cooling purposes clearly has two advantages: Due to an optimized configuration with CO2 we can lower the freezing temperature. This way the power consumption will become more efficient and at the same time you improve the carbon footprint. Furthermore we offer heat recovery solutions that benefit both energy consumption and the environment.”

Full confidence in GEA’s marine equipment

For many years, the cruise ship industry fully trusts GEA and its solutions as it has doubled its orders for GEA’s technology meeting their continuously rising needs. And according to Michael Fibbe, this positive development is an indication of a market that holds a lot of promise for GEA: “The leading cruise ship owners and builders emphasize their trust in GEA as we experience a vast increase to equip newly built ships with GEA technology. And thanks to the new GEA structure, one single point of contact can offer customers a much wider range of equipment today. So they can easily meet the requirements of the industry and their guests. But especially the one-face-to-the-customer philosophy makes GEA more effective than ever before when it comes to order execution.” 

As a leading supplier of high performance equipment for the marine industry, GEA’s solutions range from treating fuel oil, lube oil, sludge, bilge and ballast water, while air conditioning, refrigeration, and freezing technology ensure that passengers are comfortable and that the ship arrives in good condition.

GEA Service – Optimized OPEX across the ship lifetime

Excellent machines or equipment are one thing, the right service is another. With several options of the new service concept “GEA Service – For your continued success” GEA customers are optimally being supported throughout the entire life cycle of their installed systems and components. From project engineering, installation, and commissioning to maintaining and improving the performance of the customer’s equipment: GEA is the first choice, one-stop call for Total Productive Maintenance.

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