GEA, supplier of world-leading process solutions and components for demanding production processes, will be presenting during the international fair Food Ingredients Europe (stand 08.0Q5) in Frankfurt from November 28-30, 2017 the company’s range of technology for the manufacture of food ingredients, freeze-dried food and coffee.

The technology includes high-shear mixing, a wide range of dryers (solid feed drying, spray drying, fluid bed drying and freeze drying) and fully-integrated process lines, all designed to meet the industry’s strictest requirements for hygienic design, product quality, plant efficiency and safety, and sustainable production. GEA’s expertise spans every stage of food ingredient processing from reception and bulk handling through liquid and powder processing, automation and packaging services. 

GEA spray dryer suitable for R&D departments

The stand will feature GEA’s trusted MOBILE MINOR® R&D spray dryer, designed to produce small-volume powder samples that can be faithfully scaled up to production volumes. This flexible and easy-to-handle spray dryer has become standard equipment in the R&D departments of many leading manufacturers, independent research institutes and universities worldwide. Its inclusion on the stand will allow GEA to explain the processes involved and demonstrate how the company can help customers achieve their objectives.

Focused on customer benefits

But the GEA stand at Fi Europe will be about much more than technology. It’s the way in which GEA uses its experience to apply the technology in creative and innovative ways that is key. Whatever the complexity or scale of process line or plant, GEA’s industry experts, technical specialists and project managers work with each customer at every stage to tailor the right solution, from initial consulting and planning through to installation and commissioning. 

By calling on the combined expertise of the whole Group, GEA works with customers to help them refine existing processes and develop new products that can be brought to market quickly and profitably. Using its test centers in Denmark, Germany and the United States, GEA gives customers the opportunity to experiment with real equipment before investing in production lines, thereby helping to ensure the security of outcome right from the start.

Solutions for vegetable protein manufacturing

Sarah Veelaert, Process Engineer at GEA, will present an insight into the latest developments in the production of vegetable proteins entitled: ‘Vegetable protein powders for high-performance dispersibility‘.  During the presentation Sarah Veelaert will focus on activities to develop process solutions for vegetable protein manufacturing with special emphasis on design of the GEA spray dryer to generate powders with an improved dispersibility, in particular for use in protein drinks. The seminar will take place on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 03.00 – 03.30 p.m..

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