GEA and the Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE) are working together to facilitate the industrial implementation of continuous manufacturing technologies.

The collaboration between GEA, a supplier of advanced engineering services and process equipment, and the RCPE in Graz (Austria), experts in process and product optimization, will help pharmaceutical companies to better negotiate the regulatory submission process, shorten timelines, reduce risk and expedite drug development from R&D through tech transfer to commercial production.

The partnership provides a single-source repository of process technology, design and material science know-how, as well as simulation and modeling expertise, to optimize the integration and use of process technologies and unit operations for the production of oral solid dosage (OSD) forms.

“With more than 10 years of investment, research and experience, GEA has pioneered the development of cutting-edge technologies to bring continuous processing to the pharmaceutical industry. With our unparalleled history of expertise in processing OSDs, from pills to pellets to MUPS (Multiple Unit Pellet System), and our tried and tested technologies, I am convinced that we can continue to help our customers to get their products to market faster in a cost-effective way,” said Phil Gabb, Head of Solid Dosage Sales Support at GEA.

RCPE’s Massimo Bresciani, Executive Director, Scientific Operations & Business Development, said: “We are proud and energized to collaborate with GEA. It’s a unique opportunity to further expand our remit in the area of advanced manufacturing science and, specifically, in continuous manufacturing. By combining our experience and industry presence, GEA and RCPE can more effectively support pharmaceutical companies to adopt innovative continuous manufacturing solutions and meet their regulatory requirements.”

Frans K.A. Maas, Vice President APC Pharma Solids at GEA, added: “The collaboration with RCPE is another step towards expanding our ecosystem, de-risking the migration from batch-based to continuous processing and delivering added value to the pharmaceutical sector. By working with academic organizations such as RCPE, our ultimate aim is to get safer medicines to market in a more efficient and cost-effective way so that everyone has access to the most efficacious pharmaceuticals, wherever they are in the world.”

About RCPE

Together with the global players in the pharmaceutical industry, the K1 Competence Center Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) performs cutting-edge research in the field of process and product optimization. The main focus is on the development of new drug delivery systems and the associated production processes and their monitoring. In addition to an experienced multidisciplinary and international team the outstanding achievements of the center due to its proximity to the universities of Graz. Thus, being a link between science and industry, RCPE offers state-of-the-art business-oriented research. RCPE is owned by Graz University of Technology (65%), the University of Graz (20%) and the Joanneum Research GmbH (15%). Further information is available on the internet at

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