The FRone automated feed pusher from GEA works around the clock to keep fresh, high-quality feed at the bunk, maximizing the cows’ production potential while giving farmers back countless hours of valuable time.

“Dairy farmers are always looking for innovative ways to keep labor costs down while boosting milk production and automated feed pushing is an easy way to do that,” says Eric Moscho, director of barn equipment sales with GEA North America. “Cows are more apt to increase their dry matter intake when feed is constantly available. The FRone keeps feed in front of cows day and night, increasing milk production and decreasing feed refusal.” 

The FRone can be easily programmed in an unlimited number of routes throughout a 24-hour period with start times that best fit the farm’s feeding regime. It’s also capable of cleaning the whole feed alley. After each route, the FRone returns to the charging station to recharge until the next scheduled feed push.

“With up to 19 hours of run time available, the FRone will keep feed available all the time, so farmers don’t have to,” says Moscho. “Plus, its robust, reliable design ensures longevity and limited maintenance. Between the time and labor savings and increased milk production, the robot will quickly pay for itself.” 

Customers can optimize their bunk management, regardless of the farm’s size or barn style, with the help of the FRone automated feed pusher.

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