At this year’s EuroTier (November 15 – 18, 2016, Hanover, Germany) GEA presents (in hall 13, booth E48) according to their motto “Smart Technology for Future Farming” intelligent technologies for the automation and digitalization in dairy farming.

Digitalization has already entered the agricultural sector some time ago. On average, today‘s farmers have access to 400,000 data more than 50 years ago. But this does not automatically bring better times, as every farmer may ask himself what to do with all that information. GEA has intensely dealt with the topic on how equipment and digital technologies together can release and support farmers. The integrated applications focus on the relation between the human, the animal and the technology.  So the farmer is able to increase animal health, milk quality, productivity and profitability. 


The automated milking systems GEA DairyProQ and GEA Monobox are further on the rise due to continuous enhancements. The Monobox with its revolutionary and linear design enables smooth and easy animal traffic. DairyProQ offers a milking process that is decentralized and individual to each milking stall, with a high level of system stability and a top milking performance. Both systems are based on a modular approach for easy servicing. Through usage of modern sensor technology dairy farmers can focus on the essentials: animal health and milk quality. With the CMIQ-monitoring, GEA globally presents the first system to identify a mastitis risk on quarter-individual level in real-time. In sum, the CMIQ sensor technology verifiably increases the herd health while the workload is decreased.


The digitalization has already found its way into dairy farming. But the satisfaction of users of digital media is mainly dependent on two preconditions: The applications need to be user-friendly and need to provide easy-to-understand results. For that reason GEA offers technologies that combine all data in a way to enable the farmer to easily work with them. This can be seen in intelligent automated feeding systems with wireless integrated control (WIC) or in the herd management software GEA DairyNet in connection with 365FarmNet.

Focus on the costumer

GEA offers a comprehensive service concept for the long-term success of our milk producers. All dealers, sales people and service technicians are highly qualified, have several years of experience in their field of expertise and support dairy farmers in keeping their milking systems running. In addition, continuous service programs and scheduled maintenance provide for best equipment performance and sustainable dairy operation.

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