Based on a wealth of experience and hundreds of successful installations, the PandaPLUS homogenizer is known to provide simple and reliable high-pressure energy use for process development and optimized product formulation. Offering full scalability of results, it facilitates and expedites the rapid and reliable scale-up from laboratory testing to industrial production.

Easy to use benchtop unit offers infinite possibilities for laboratories

Homogenization technology uses efficient high-pressure energy to break the particles present in fluids down to their smallest possible size. This process creates a stable emulsion or dispersion by forcing the product through a specifically engineered homogenizing valve under high-density fluid dynamic energy conditions, thus improving product shelf-life and performance.

Able to operate at pressures up to 2000 bar with a sample volume of just 15 mL, the PandaPLUS is ideal for chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and dairy applications. Whereas pressure is adjusted manually, the homogenizing valve size and geometry are optimized based upon CFD modeling and extensive laboratory and product experience.

Thus, the energy efficient PandaPLUS supplies high pressure homogenization, effective particle size reduction and maximum yields. It’s a state-of-the-art solution for nanoparticles, nanoemulsions, nanodispersions and cell disruption, and can be used to process nutraceuticals, flavors, additives and specialty formulation products.

Modular in design with a reduced number of components, the PandaPLUS is configured for easy maintenance. Highly efficient and able to process abrasive and viscous products, the PandaPlus features a double-life reversible RE+ homogenizing valve and a touchscreen for machine functions such as start/stop and live monitoring of the actual pressure. Built-in safety protection against overpressure is also included.

Further available options include aseptic processing, a fully certified and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical version, FDA-approved gaskets, a jacketed feed tank and a pneumatic pusher.

For applications as diverse as the production of vaccines, insulin and liposomes, and the production of dosage forms for inhalation, to name a few, GEA offers a comprehensive range of industrial, pilot- and laboratory scale homogenizers, as well as turnkey skid-based versions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, providing maximized yields, effective particle size reduction and enhanced clinical efficacy and bioavailability.

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