With the launch of the GEA PowerGrind 200 at IFFA 2016, GEA has complemented the successful GEA PowerGrind family. The new PowerGrind family supersedes the AutoGrind 200 and 280. Also on the stand is the new GEA ProMix mixer, which is available in standard, vacuum and ColdSteam M (defrosting) versions.

GEA PowerGrind 200

GEA PowerGrind 200

The robust GEA PowerGrind grinders are widely recognized as best-in-class for high-capacity grinding of both fresh and frozen meat. Since the introduction of the original GEA AutoGrind these multifunctional grinders have benefitted from a program of continuous refinement to help meat processors improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The twin-screw design is still the benchmark for grinding fresh or frozen meat without the need for a cutting set or worm change, and the excellent grinding quality means fewer fines and less dust or crushed meat. The new PowerGrind family is using a patent pending technology that will automatically reverse and start the feeder worm if the processing worm is overloaded.

The infeed hopper on the GEA PowerGrind 200 is designed in a way so that loading of meat blocks by meat trolleys or bins, will not lead to problems relating to bridging. The GEA PowerGrind 200 is standard available with a push button control panel or as option as a PLC touch screen version.

GEA ProMix mixer and defrosting solution

GEA ProMix

Another key element is the new GEA ProMix, a twin-shaft mixer for products like hamburger patties, meatballs, luncheon meat and ground sausages, and for pre-mixing for wiener and frankfurter emulsions. The high peripheral wing speed gives good protein extraction, uniform distribution of additives and effective salt activation, while minimal clearances between wings and hull ensure thorough mixing. Enhancements to the new mixer compared to the GEA UniMix are better hygiene, safer operation and more modular set-up. It is PLC controlled and has a touch-screen for user-friendly operation.

The GEA ProMix mixer, which in addition to being available as a standard and as a vacuum mixer, is also available as a ColdSteam M configuration for extremely fast defrosting. The ColdSteam technique rapidly defrosts pre-ground frozen meat using the characteristic that water boils at a lower temperature in a vacuum. Injected steam condenses on the cold meat block, efficiently transferring thermal energy and reducing defrosting time from hours to minutes. Because the steam temperature in vacuum is 33°C (instead of above 100°C) scalding or denaturation of proteins does not take place.

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