Digitalization, big data, digital transformation – these topics are also at the very top of the agenda of challenges in the agricultural world. Farm management systems network the information of the individual farming processes. Many data and complex software offerings which are available do not automatically make life easier or more profitable for the individual farmer.

GEA DairyNet, as a part of the holistic software 365FarmNet, ensures safe, easy and understandable data evaluation so that the farmer can concentrate on farm management. 365FarmNet is a provider-independent, open platform on which each of the skills of the participating partners are bundled and integrated into a modern infrastructure with the latest technology. GEA DairyNet networks the individual herd management using 365FarmNet.

One view, one philosophy, one concept: With GEA DairyNet a farmer has the control over his herd at all times from everywhere. He can then direct things without expensive and complicated program control systems. The interaction of the crop management, cattle rearing, milking, feeding, health, reproduction and sorting modules are part of a completely new software concept which connects all processes into one display and additionally opens up new applications for herd management.

With GEA DairyNet the essential data on cows can be called up at any time, in real time via a computer, tablet, smartphone via an app. In this way, the farmer can call up all significant activities of his cows without any complicated administrative work and can work in a focused and efficient manner.

GEA currently offers the basic module “Cattle”, a web-based basic herd management system free of charge. A dashboard summarizes the information graphically. Thus, at a glance you can see all activities for each cow and can manage the up-coming work in a stress-free and easy manner. A cow file always displays the latest data. The herd management system can be set up simply and quickly via HIT (The origin and information system for livestock).

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