Düsseldorf (Germany), April 20, 2016 – Offering an improved design but maintaining the same compact footprint, the MM-100 spray dryer is the newest addition to the MOBILE MINOR™ range. The design of the MOBILE MINOR™ spray dryer has been improved many times, but its compact footprint remains the same. This is one of the main reasons for its ongoing success and constant evolution as a pilot plant and/or small production unit. Now, for example, specific versions for the pharmaceutical industry have been developed and GEA has introduced yet another series of new and enhanced designs.

Increased Capacity

The new MOBILE MINOR™ MM-100 can operate with a process gas flow rate of up to 100 kg/h at an inlet temperature of 200 °C, which, for many products, means a 30% increase in powder production compared with the current version. High capacity HEPA filters for baby food or hazardous chemical applications are available and powder collection glasses in sizes from 250–3500 mL can be supplied as standard.

Increased Yield

An accurate hot drying gas flow pattern is key to minimizing powder deposits. Computerized fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies have been used to ensure high levels of precision. The universal gas disperser for the rotary atomizer as well as the two-fluid nozzle can easily be exchanged with an optional low velocity gas disperser — which has a similar flow pattern to the DPH gas dispersers used in larger PharmaSD™ spray dryers — for nozzle atomization.


Installed in almost 2400 plants worldwide, the cross-application MOBILE MINOR™ spray dryer is robust, reliable and versatile. Furthermore, the MM-100 boasts a powerful supply blower with flow indication, is easy to use and move, and laser-cut gas guides are easy to remove and clean (patent pending).

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