Düsseldorf (Germany), April 20, 2016 – At POWTECH 2016, GEA will showcase its new easyscale separator for downstream pharmaceutical applications. Suitable for use in research laboratories, universities and pilot plants, the economical and simple-to-operate easyscale offers a basic machine with a universal frame that can be fitted with one of four bowl variants – clarifier, separator and nozzle, self-cleaning and chamber bowl – depending on the process requirements.

GEA’s easyscale has been designed for continuous clarification or separation functions, such as clarifying liquids/suspensions, concentrating solids and separating liquid mixtures, in the chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, and for research, education and training purposes. Example applications include harvesting bacterial, yeast and mammalian cell culture fermentation broths, the separation of inclusion bodies, cell debris and precipitated proteins, and the extraction of plant ingredients.

User-friendly handling, low investment and operating costs

The bowl is quick and simple to change, the product feed is gentle and takes place in a closed system and, with GEA’s softstream technology, the liquid phase is discharged under pressure. The easyscale meets all the relevant standards in safety, hygiene and product quality.

As such, the entry level easyscale from GEA, which is designed for simplicity, quality and economy, offers a number of distinct advantages: maximum scale-up reliability, minimal investment, installation and operating costs, optimum process control and higher specific capacities.

GEA easyscale at a glance

  • Economical: a basic machine with four exchangeable bowl variants
  • Unlimited options: top quality separation and concentration
  • Optimum process reliability: wide range of applications with low investment costs
  • Ideal for pilot-scale, research and institutional applications

GEA is the world’s leading supplier for pharmaceutical applications

GEA, a recognized world leader in industrial process engineering will be participating at POWTECH 2016 and exhibiting a wide range of technology solutions for pharmaceutical applications. Yet, GEA’s capability goes well beyond the provision of equipment and machinery. By linking and integrating process stages and designing complete lines for large-scale industrial pharmaceutical production, GEA is able to develop and supply concepts that customer-specific, energy efficient and less resource-intensive. GEA supports its clients through every phase of every project, thus laying a foundation for success and a basis for future collaboration. 

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