GEA introduces the Wireless Integrated Control (WIC) system, an intelligent software for its proven MixFeeder. The new system ensures that every performance group receives the optimal mix ration of raw feed, concentrated feed and minerals in the right volumes at the most appropriate intervals. The WIC delivers the feed precisely and reliably around the clock. This benefits milk producers and herd managers as it ensures that their cows are always performing at their full potential, thereby improving milk volumes and quality and reducing workload and costs.

The WIC combines feed bunkers and silos and controls each individual step of the process fully automatically: from the precise weighing and mixing of the feed components in accordance with set feeding plans and specifications, to time-controlled group feeding. Having multiple feed deliveries throughout the day has been shown to improve feed uptake and utilization, so farm staff are able to set the distribution frequency to suit their animals. The system determines both the position of the feeder wagon and the current status of the processes, and calculates the shortest path from the filling station to any other position in the barn.

The WIC software enables staff to access the system from the PC, touch panel or their smartphone, wherever they happen to be, via the local network or the internet. This gives milk producers and herd managers greater freedom, whilst still enabling them to have full control over the entire feeding process. The system can also send alerts via SMS if required. These messages can then be acknowledged with a simple reply text. Staff can also manage individual functions and get basic information via the touchscreen on the feeder itself.

The MixFeeder with WIC can manage up to 30 feed types (15 per animal group), up to 30 feeding groups and 30 rations, up to 64 barn areas and around 100 mixtures per day. Whether the farm has high-performance or dry cows, calves or bulls, the MixFeeder with WIC ensures that each group receives their mix ration, tailored to its performance level. And as the feed is delivered multiple times per day, the animals are kept active, which in turn enables them to make the most of the nutrition. The system provides a whole range of benefits, including improved animal health, lower treatment costs over the long term, increased milk yields and excellent milk quality.

GEA MixFeeder with WIC will be available in: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Great Britain, Japan, Turkey, Hungary, Lithuania, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay 

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