An increasing number of farmers in the intensive dairy farming sector have reached the limits of their workload capacity – and not only on family farms. Intelligent technology, such as the fully automated GEA FRone feed pusher, simplifies work in the barn and saves valuable time which can be used for more important things on the farm.

The GEA FRone pushes feed towards the feed fence at individually determined times of the day and night and according to the routes set. This ensures that the cows have access to fresh, high-quality food around the clock – even lower-ranking animals, which will be later at the feed fence. That provides a double pay-off: the animals’ rumen health and general comfort improve and the milk yield increases by up to three percent. The FRone guarantees virtually silent working, which the cows quickly and comfortably become used to. Depending on the situation in each barn, the FRone is available as a left or right rotating variant.

The FRone, which is fitted with tested and proven GEA technology, carries out its work precisely and reliably. The regular automated pushing of the feed forwards ensures that it is optimally digested, thus saving costs. With a maximum speed of 6 metres per minute and an operating time of 19 hours, the FRone is suitable for herds of up to 2,000 cows. Compared with 5 minutes spent three times each day manually pushing feed, the FRone achieves a time saving of over 90 working hours annually.

A further strength of the FRone is its easy handling: the handy remote control enables the free programming, as required, of a 24 hour cycle of routes and start times, quickly and easily. There is no limit to the number of routes. The routing takes place using a glass transponder, gyroscope and RFID sensor technology. There is also an additional option to clean the feed passage.

The GEA FRone can even charge itself: every time it completes a route, it returns to the charging station. The FRone needs only a 5 hour period for recharging.

Overall, the new GEA FRone offers many advantages:

  • Simple handling and saving time
  • Higher milk yields (between 1 – 3 %)
  • Improved animal health
  • More frequent use of the milking robot
  • Fresh feed around the clock 
  • Precise working for optimum feed utilization
  • Fast charging
  • Able to clean the feed alley

Sales release only in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Poland

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