GEA has launched an entry-level thermoformer called the GEA DeltaPak at IFFA 2016. It is designed to meet the needs of users who process and package smaller volumes, and companies that need to be particular flexible, for example, for packaging seasonal products. It is also ideal for distributed packaging operations in branch outlets.

The new GEA DeltaPak offers vacuum and MAP packaging, and thanks to its compact footprint, it can be placed in production environments where the larger GEA PowerPak thermoformers would not fit the space.

Proven quality and value for money

Volker Sassmannshausen, product manager for GEA thermoformers, says, “This entry-level machine, which is designed to operate efficiently with small to medium throughputs, draws on the proven technology from our higher end thermoformers. It uses high-quality PowerPak components in a machine with much smaller dimensions. For the first time, the benefits of GEA thermoformers are available to smaller-scale users and start-up companies.” 

Quick setup, short lead times

Although an entry-level machine, the GEA DeltaPak does not compromise on speed. It offers fast configuration, fast and simple dieset change-over, short throughput times and high performance operation. Due to its uniform basic structure, a pre-defined range of functions and a set of optional extras, a customer specific DeltaPak can be quickly made for shipping to customers. Customized die sets can also be produced at short notice. The machine is available in 4 different film widths : 285, 320, 360 and 420 mm, and can have dies in one or two rows. 

Part of a re-defined thermoformer range

The whole GEA PowerPak range has been re-defined to make it easier for customers to specify a thermoformer for a specific application. This makes packaging solutions more cost-effective by omitting functions that are not required. The latest entry-level configuration gives smaller-scale packaging operations access to the quality and reliability of the PowerPak platform. 

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