The GEA CutMaster V 500 is a main pillar of the meat treatment equipment range is continuously upgraded. The latest improvements include the VSH TopCut knife head, a revised bowl seal, new knife shaft drive system and changes to the loading device and unloader. The result is a safer, more hygienic, flexible and quiet machine.

VSH TopCut knife head

The VSH version of the TopCut knife head has been improved in terms of variability, safety and hygiene. It has been made more hygienic by removing grooves and gaps from the closed discs. The fixing bolts are integrated into the support discs. These modifications make thorough cleaning easier. Operational safety has been improved by incorporating a reduced number of support discs which reduces the rotational mass due to less weight on the shaft. Clearly marked support discs avoid incorrect installation, further boosting safety. Every knife can be placed on any possible position.


To improve the integrity of the bowl seal, the outer mechanical covering segments have been eliminated. The elimination of quick-release fasteners also upgrades the hygiene of the bowl. The segments no longer need to be disassembled for cleaning, and the seal can be changed without the disassembling and reassembling of the bowl.

New knife shaft drive system

The new VSH knife head design also gives the user more flexibility in terms of knife speed, the end product and raw material. The first support disc, which is placed on the knife shaft, enables the knives to run on one or two levels. During the production, the whole knife head can be adjusted from level one to two or back again within a few minutes without the use of additional parts. For the user this means that established knife shapes and admissions at the support plate can continue to be used while an exchange is possible at any time.

Loading device, unloader, knife shaft bearing concept

Further modifications to the GEA CutMaster V 500 relating to operational safety include an optimized design of the loading device, and a redesign of the unloader which makes it maintenance-free. The machine also runs more smoothly and therefore more quietly, thanks to a higher load capacity of the bearings and an improved knife shaft bearing concept. Furthermore, the GEA CutMaster V 500 is prepared for external air supply and exhaust connection without additional cost. Retrofitting to existing machines on location is also possible. 

A full range of bowl cutters

The GEA bowl cutter range also includes the GEA CutMaster DUO with two independent driven knife heads, each featuring variable speed control. Specifically designed for dry fermented products like Salami, it can be used for coarse as well as very fine structures. It is one of the most powerful cutters of all time and ensures short processing times, uniform grain size, a clean cut and minimal temperature increase.

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