The Apollo system for automated dipping made by GEA ensures complete food safety. Independent testing and inspections confirmed that the milk never comes into contact with the cleaning agents. Based on these tests GEA was granted exclusive sales authorization in certain countries by leading milk processing companies, including Arla Foods and the Dutch Dairy Association (NZO). Others are set to be announced soon.

GEA experts designed the Apollo system specifically to guarantee maximum safety and milk quality by the use of automated processes. A smart valve technology – the heart of the system – carefully separates the milk and cleaning agents. Water, dipping and disinfection agents never come into contact with the tank milk. Apart from the milk quality the Apollo system also helps to improve udder health: careful dipping and intermediate disinfection of the milking cluster prevent mastitis pathogens and thus infections from spreading. Apollo is designed for both conventional and automated milking. It comprises milking, dipping, teat cup cleaning and intermediate disinfection. For automated milking, even the attachment, pre-dipping and teat cleaning stages are covered.

GEA milking systems are continuously optimized and are well-known for their process reliability. The technology within the Apollo system is world-leading in the field of food-safe milk production with both conventional and automated milking systems. And it provides long-term benefits for milk producers: the milking process becomes faster, easier and more efficient, the risk of illness within the herd decreases, working processes are standardized, and high milk quality is guaranteed.

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