GEA and Francks Kylindustri are partnering in setting up E.ON’s district heating plant in Malmö based on a heat pump solution, where heat will be extracted from the treated sewage water and utilized in the district heating net. While GEA is supplying four heat pumps based on natural refrigeration media, Francks Kylindustri will be the main contractor.

Francks Kylindustri is the leading contractor for cooling and heating solutions in Sweden, whereas GEA is one of the world leading manufacturers for large-scale heat pumps based on natural refrigerants. Together they offered the most economical and environmental friendly solution with four heat pumps with total 40 MW heat output. The plant will be taken into operation in autumn 2017. In total it will produce about 200,000 MWh renewable heat per year corresponding to 10,000 households.

“For GEA it is the breakthrough within the application of district heating. For many years, we have been developing large heat pumps using natural refrigerants because we believe in environmental friendly solutions. This fits perfectly with E.ONs intention to produce heat in a sustainable way. We are much looking forward to executing this challenging project with Francks Kylindustri and E.ON” says Robert Endert, Head of Distribution, Storage and Climate Control at GEA.

Mikael Syrén, Managing Director at Francks Kylindustri emphasizes the partnership with GEA: “Since many years we have a well-established collaboration with GEA and we know their product range well. With good experience with their technical knowledge and support it was the natural choice of partner in this very exciting project with E.ON”, says Mikael Syrén, Managing Director at Francks Kylindustri in Helsingborg. 

“The heat pump plant fits very well into E.ONs strategy to create sustainable energy solutions and converting to renewable production. We look forward to a great partnership with Francks Kylindustri and GEA”, says Anders Svensson, Production Manager at E.ON.

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