Düsseldorf (Germany), April 20, 2016 – To meet the diverse requirements of the liquid processing industry, GEA offers a comprehensive range of finely tuned tank cleaning equipment.

For use in tanks with diameters of up to 33 m at flow rates of up to 66.7 m³/h, the cleaners offer an operating pressure range of 0.5–90 bar. Designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, GEA’s orbital cleaner, the Tornado 4, provides a cleaning diameter of up to 33 m, whereas the compact Cyclone orbital cleaner can fit through tank opening diameters of just 76.2 mm.

With a strong emphasis on efficiency and sustainability, the hygienic process industry is increasingly focusing on the critical importance of effective tank cleaning, product quality and the associated impact on sales and profits. To address these needs, GEA’s specially designed cleaning heads require a minimum of cleaning liquids and provide a powerful, mechanical spray pattern. In addition, most units can also be used in hazardous areas and, as they are driven entirely by the cleaning fluid, an external energy source is not required.

A specially developed sensor system can be mounted on the vessel and used to monitor the cleaning process. If no liquid passes the sensor within a defined period of time, a malfunction report is generated.

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