The new GEA Grasso M series screw compressor is the further development of the GEA Grasso MC series. As a result of a completely different design philosophy we have improved efficiency, reliability and serviceability. The redesign comprises of the H, L, M, and N models and is interchangeable (footprint, suction and discharge connections) with the former GEA Grasso MC series.

GEA Grasso M series compressor – The boost of efficiency

The new screw compressor packages from the GEA Grasso M series of GEA offer a plus of efficiency – and even greater reliability, thanks to their rugged design. The piping, for example, now has only a very few welding seams. The oil separator in these compressors allows a low oil carry-over rate of less than 5 ppm, with the resulting savings in oil consumption. Oil filters that can be shut off simplify service work, and key service components are centrally located within handy reach. The packages likewise have a good deal to offer in output and efficiency: four models are available, with maximum cooling duty of 459 to 856 kW (with operation with ammonia, -10/+35 °C, 4500 rpm). These compressors are designed for speeds of 1000 to 4500 rpm, and the internal volume ratio (Vi) can be adjusted over a wide range. This also makes highly efficient operation possible during winter at low condensation temperatures. These characteristics positively influence cost effectiveness: total cost of ownership – which also includes energy and maintenance costs, in addition to initial investment – are appreciably less for the M series than for its predecessor models.

The GEA Omni™ control panel delivered with these packages also makes a valuable contribution to efficiency and reliability. This control system assures power-saving and stable plant operations, and is easy to operate. Its high-definition touch screen (15.6" color display with 1366 x 768 pixels) displays text and graphics sharply and functions with the user’s single- and multi-finger gestures. The user interface effectively features only a few hierarchical levels – which is highly beneficial during commissioning, daily work, and correction of malfunctions. The associated programs OmniLink™ and GEA OmniHistorian™ are also greatly useful. GEA OmniLink™ enables remote service (monitoring and operation) and allows the transmission of configuration settings, parameters, programs, and operational data over Ethernet networks. GEA OmniHistorian™ stores operational parameters over long periods of time and thereby simplifies plant analysis when preventive or corrective service is required. In addition, GEA Omni™ can control refrigeration and gas-compression plants made by GEA, but can also integrate components of other manufacturers.

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