GEA is a pioneer in starch and protein processing.

GEA at China International Starch and Starch Derivatives Exhibition

Over many decades, we have continually supplied starch industry with innovative solutions, from single machines up to the complete processes. By working closely with the industry, we have learned to understand the major challenges that the modern starch processors faces in today’s market:

  • Highly valued end products, demanding the highest quality
  • High raw material price, requiring maximum yield
  • High energy costs, which requires energy efficient operations
  • High fresh-water and water-dischage costs, which demands efficient water management
  • Maximum uptime, requiring robust and reliable processes, low maintenance and easy operation
  • High investment costs, demanding long equipment service life and optimal performance
  • Responsibility for consistent quality and compliance with the hygiene of food ingredients regulations
  • Making Optimal use of invested capital, requiring multipurpose plants that process other raw materials between seasons
  • Obtaining good service and support from a knowledgeable supplier

The trick is to find the best-fitting set of benefits and requirements for each customer, and to design the process accordingly. Different priorities translate into different process setups and the process design has to live up to several different, even conflicting demands. The challenge is to work with the customer to find the best compromise. GEA can provide all the key technologies used for corn/wheat/potato/topioca and soy bean starch and protein processing enabling customers to identify and achieve their most profitable process design.

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