At drinktec 2017, GEA will showcase its DI-BATCH™ batch mixing system designed for non-alcoholic beverage applications. The system, which was originally developed for energy drinks, can be used for processing all kinds of dry substances and liquids to a finished syrup. As partial amounts can be taken from the containers by means of a suction lance, manufacturers are more flexible in their production volumes and can purchase their base materials in varying container sizes – all strengths that make DI-BATCH ™ also attractive for smaller test batches required for product launches or research and development. For this purpose, the system will be made available to GEA customers in the test center in Ahaus, Germany, after the drinktec.

Accurate dosing, 100% material traceability

The GEA mixing plant can also handle partial quantities, whereas in conventional beverage production the bases need to be prepared in pre-weighed batches and then fully processed. To achieve this, first, the plant has its own weighing bin for partial quantities from cans or barrels. Second, the mixing plant comes with an extended recipe system using the GEA automation system. While the recipe is being processed, the operator receives precise instructions on when and where the ingredients must be added. To avoid incorrect dosing, all ingredients are scanned and matched against the internal database. Only when the selected ingredient is found to be correct, the operator will get approval to add it. GEA’s solution offers customers an attractive recipe management system that gives them 100% control, without risk, due to full batch traceability.

Time saving through parallel processes

The parallel execution of operations saves time. For example, dosing from a Big Bag and adding a partial quantity from a barrel can take place at the same time. After all ingredients have been added to the dissolving/mixing tank, a recipe-controlled circulation is used to produce the required solution. The contents of the dissolving tank are fed to the appropriate mixing tank. The finished syrup is then homogenized by circulating it for the time required in the recipe, before it is ready for further processing.

GEA Service: IZMAG™ electromagnetic flow meter for applications in the beverage industry

Electromagnetic Flow Meter IZMAG™

GEA’s exhibit will also include various components such as valves, pumps, and the IZMAG™ flow meter which covers all essential applications for flow and volume metering and meets the strict requirements of beverage industry. In the process industry, electromagnetic flow metering assures accuracy and offers reliability in the production process.

Customer test center for entire production lines

In order to accelerate the development of new products and to improve existing recipes, GEA offers its customers the opportunity to conduct technological studies and trainings in test centers worldwide. If required, the setup can model a complete production line for non-alcoholic beverages – from mixing and filtering to bottling. In addition, GEA has developed mobile test units for on-site operation.

GEA process engineers provide support to producers of non-alcoholic beverages with regard to the following topics: 

  • Mixing procedure: Denmark, Germany
  • Filling, packaging and homogenization: Italy
  • Freezing and concentration: Netherlands
  • Thermal treatment, separation, compressors for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, distillation, fermentation and evaporation: Germany
  • Filtration technology: Germany, USA 

After the drinktec, customers can use the DI-BATCH™ exhibit for testing purposes in the Ahaus test center. 

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