Düsseldorf (Germany) 12 April 2016 – Energy-efficient, reliable solutions for water and waste water treatment are the focus of this year’s trade fair presentation at IFAT in Munich (30th May – 3rd June 2016). In hall A1 on booth 427/526, new as well as enhanced and proven GEA products and components with which municipalities and industry can reduce their operating costs and at the same time improve their product quality and yield – with reliable run time and maximum availability – await professional visitors on an area of around 200 m2.

In focus: Cost-optimized production processes with maximum availability, quality and efficiency

  • Expanded decanter portfolio: Three new waterMasters for the GEA ecoforce series
  • Market innovation: GEA varipond® also for waterMaster decanters
  • Premiere: GEA world’s first “preferred supplier” for Nereda® process

Expanded decanter portfolio: Three new waterMasters for the CF series

At IFAT 2016, GEA will be presenting its three new decanter models from the ecoforce series for the first time: waterMaster CF 3000, CF 5000 and CF 8000. Together with the tried-and-tested waterMaster CF 4000, CF 6000 and CF 7000, GEA therefore offers its customers an optimized decanter portfolio from now on, with first-class separation results for the broadest range of performance requirements in municipal and industrial sludge treatment: from dewatering and thickening of sewage sludge through treatment of drinking water to recovery of reusable materials, e.g. the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorous. Tried-and-tested drive, control and regulation systems such as ecodrive, summationdrive, varipond® and energyjets as well as construction of the decanter bowls in the deep-pond design reduce the specific energy consumption of the waterMaster by a total of more than 50 percent below the line compared with the previous machine generation.

Market innovation: GEA varipond® also for waterMaster decanters in the CF series

PR 04.14.2016 GEA varipond
The patented, fully automated GEA varipond® control and regulation system guarantees process reliability even with fluctuating feed conditions.

The patented, fully automated GEA varipond® control and regulation system is also available for all waterMaster decanters in the GEA ecoforce series from 2016 – including an easy retrofit option. Operationally reliable, cost-saving preliminary dewatering and thickening of primary and secondary sludge in consistent concentration is therefore guaranteed even with fluctuating feed conditions. A further benefit: with a variable pond depth, varipond® ensures energy and resource-saving start-up and shut-down of the decanter with no water penetration on the solids side – with use of the maximum g-volume of around 90 percent (g-volume = content x bowl speed). The advantages of varipond® for the waterMaster are rounded off by an infrastructure with fewer parts and thus also reduced maintenance. The result is GEA decanters that run reliably, are highly efficient and are very economical, which will be appreciated particularly by operators of municipal waste water treatment plants. 

Premiere: GEA world’s first “preferred supplier” for Nereda® process

The independent international engineering and project management consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV relies on decanter technology from GEA in its revolutionary Nereda® process for natural waste water treatment. The contractual partners signed a co-operation agreement in November 2015, which secures GEA the status of “preferred supplier” for the decanter-based secondary sludge dewatering in the Nereda® process. “For Royal HaskoningDHV, GEA process know-how as well as the high product quality of the decanter technology and the worldwide network of GEA sales and service sites were determining factors for the world’s first award of a preferred supplier contract. This should be the decisive step taken within the Nereda® process to improve sludge dewatering equipment for specific use in combination with the Nereda® technology and to optimize the sludge treatment line as well,” says Joost Vliegen, GEA Director of Environmental Technology Product Management. The agreement also includes intensive co-operation on research and development to further improve the applicability of GEA’s sludge dewatering equipment to Nereda® specific conditions, in order to continuously optimize the Nereda® technology, which is already used successfully on all continents, for the benefit of the customer. “Specifically for this partnership, GEA has formed a Nereda® team of experts, which will play a role in the further worldwide roll-out of this revolutionary system,” Joost Vliegen emphasizes.

With the preferred supplier contract from Royal HaskoningDHV, GEA is expanding its user portfolio in the growth area of water management / water technology with another premium partner that is one of the world’s largest engineering, consulting and project management companies.

Nereda® – Properties and advantages

Nereda® technology has unique selling points in terms of its footprint, its energy efficiency, sustainability and ease of operation. With the agreement with GEA, Royal HaskoningDHV aims to make a significant step towards optimization of the sludge line as well.

Nereda® is an innovative, sustainable technology that has revolutionized conventional municipal and industrial waste water treatment worldwide. The unique property of the so-called aerobic granular biomass is used here: the waste water is purified by bacteria, which produce compact granulates with outstanding settling properties. The result: natural waste water treatment with high performance combined with significantly lower investment and operating costs, a very small area compared with conventional sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems (up to four times smaller), and high energy savings of up to 40 percent. These are ensured not least by the GEA waterMaster decanters from the ecoforce series with their high sludge dewatering efficiency: together with their optimized drive, control and regulation systems ecodrive, summationdrive, varipond® and energyjets, they ensure energy-efficient, constant and economical system operation with maximum availability.

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