Düsseldorf (Germany), March 23, 2016 – GEA has successfully rounded out its automatic milking product portfolio, and is now active worldwide as a systems supplier for fully automated milking technology for every farm size. In addition to the proven MIone multibox-system, series production of the Monobox and the DairyProQ has begun. Whether 70 cows or more than 3000: With these three unique products GEA offers farming operations solutions that address the demanding and varied challenges involved in milk production globally. Efficient, automated milking technology that can be easily integrated into every farm and ensures highest milk quality, the greatest possible volume, flexibility and transparency.

Modular milking robot system

The new Monobox, a modular milking robot system, rounds out the portfolio, providing economical, automatic milking at farms with groups of up to 70 cows per box. A revolutionary and linear design enables smooth and easy animal traffic. In contrast to all other existing solutions on the market, the Monobox is distinguished by the DairyProQ milking module technology with its "Inliner Everything" concept. The entire milking routine is carried out fully automatically in a single process within the teat cups.

For milk producers seeking to milk herds of 500 animals or more with a single system, the DairyProQ fully automatic milking rotary is the only solution worldwide that revolutionizes milking for large-scale operations.

The pilot studies and test phases have been completed successfully, and the milking rotary has already been launched in selected markets. The unique feature: DairyProQ enables a milking process that is decentralized and individual to each milking stall, with a high level of system stability and a top milking performance.

The multibox-system of the MIone milking robot has established itself as a reliable option for growth-oriented farms with 70 animals or more. GEA has continuously advanced the development of the MIone, and has released a new generation with even higher performance. With the new MilkRack and a new cluster cleaning system, the MIone offers even greater reliability, comfort and performance than ever.

In summary: With GEA the future begins now. The complete portfolio for ground-breaking, automated milking technology addresses the needs of small farms up to very large-scale milk producers, seamlessly providing solutions for every herd size and on a worldwide level.

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