Engineering for a better world

Decarbonization - the key driver behind the rise of heat pumps

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Meet the Innovators

GEA engineers drive gains in more sustainable production

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Engineering for a better world

GEA with improved EBITDA margin and strong free cash flow in third quarter

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About us

About us

Engineering with purpose

GEA is one of the world’s largest systems suppliers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. Our portfolio includes machinery and plants as well as advanced process technology, components and comprehensive services. Guided by a strong sense of purpose, our more than 18,000 dedicated employees work to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of production processes globally.

Q3 2023

Investor relations

Statement for the third quarter (July 1 – September 30, 2023)

The statement for the third quarter of GEA Group and the webcast of the analysts' conference can be found here.


Engineering for a better world

We engineer sustainable solutions for a better world and to support the sustainability goals of our customers. And we promote the highest environmental and social standards at our own sites and in procurement. We aim to become the most attractive employer in the engineering industry with greater diversity, equal opportunity and integration, and by offering long-term career development prospects. To make these ambitions concrete, we have defined measurable ESG targets as part of GEA’s Mission 26 Strategy.

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Uniting innovation and sustainability in pharma

GEA pioneers’ sustainability and innovation in the pharma sector, leading technologies like Continuous Manufacturing, Sustainable Cooling, and NexGen Press® to create a greener future.

GEA and Mora working together for continual innovation

By working together for over 60 years, GEA and food manufacturer Mora have developed a unique relationship. It’s a relationship based upon trust and confidence in each other’s abilities and dedication to achieving customer satisfaction and operational excellence through continual innovation.

Robots conquer the cowshed

We recently visited Henning Lefert in Ahaus, Germany, who, by European standards, runs a medium-sized dairy farm with 120 contented cows. To do this efficiently and in a way that promotes animal welfare, he uses state-of-the-art technology from GEA. With automation and digitalization, he has made the leap to profitability. However, keeping it that way and ensuring we can all continue to enjoy milk in the future involves overcoming a number of hurdles.

GEA heat pumps turn redundant Gateshead mine water into clean energy

GEA is dedicated to tackling climate change and helping decarbonize district heating projects like this one in the Northeast of England. Our heat pumps are at the center of the Gateshead Mine Water Scheme, the largest mine water heat recovery scheme of its kind in the country.

Carbon capture close-up

To reinforce a critical new front in the climate fight, GEA has developed a set of carbon capture solutions tailored to the needs of key industrial emitters.

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Are you curious, highly motivated and love solving challenges for customers? GEA is looking for passionate people to fill very diverse roles.

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