Flour & Raw Materials: the beginning of the supply chain

Flour places as the first step in many areas of the food production chain, determining many varieties of products in bakery, pasta, snacks and animal feed. The processing of raw materials such as maize, wheat, and cereals drove GEA to considering milling as a promise. It is a promise that goes out to all our customers, to work on promoting environmental sustainability and making the most of the resources offered by our planet.

Products & technologies

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GEA’s milling technology is the first essential step to produce a broad variety of food products and it is developed with the aim of protecting raw materials in the most effective way. To do so we study our machinery so that it reduces internal friction, optimizing the mechanic and pneumatic transport systems and maximizing the level of energy needed to keep waste to a minimum. Our commitment concerns treatment, transport and storage of raw materials and it is carried out until the processing of flours derived from wheat, maize, durum and other cereals is completed by developing tailor-made milling plants and harbor terminal. At GEA we collaborate closely with our customers, in order to provide them with solutions that perfectly suit their needs and allow them to stay ahead of the market.

Refrigeration & heating for food processes

Meeting your precise temperature requirements – naturally

SEnS - GEA's sustainable engineering solutions

A unique integration of process solutions and cooling & heating demands, resulting in lower energy consumption, minimized operating costs and reduced carbon footprint

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