Responsible corporate behavior is integral to the long-term success of a company. As an international technology group and one of the world’s largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry, GEA is acutely aware of its distinct economic, social and environmental responsibilities. As a consequence, one of GEA’s principal corporate objectives is to offer solutions that ensure environmental protection while delivering substantial benefits to society and a high level of economic efficiency.

To GEA, sustainability means securing a viable future on the basis of a sound social and economic environment as well as unspoilt natural surroundings. Sustainability management also serves the purpose of mitigating economic, social and reputational risks. Megatrends such as continued population growth, rising urbanization and progressing climate change bring the world face to face with mounting challenges: In the future, more and more people will require an adequate supply of food, energy or pharmaceutical products – always on the premise that resources are being conserved. With a footprint in the world’s fast-growing regions that comprises distribution and production capabilities allowing GEA to directly supply local markets, the Company offers key solutions on the basis of its product portfolio that ranges from technical components, machinery and systems to a comprehensive set of services. At the same time, the Company regards its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an economic, social and environmental investment, and, thus, an investment in its own future commensurate with our corporate claim “engineering for a better world“.

Sustainability at GEA

Incorporation into the organizational structure

Aside from the compliance organization described in the Corporate Governance Report, the Group management level includes areas of responsibility, which are dedicated to diversity, company values and crisis management. In addition, the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) organization is also embedded in the Company.