Since 2017, GEA has been pursuing specific goals for quality, occupational safety and health protection as well as environmental protection, which are updated annually.

Goals 2017


Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Regular satisfaction surveys of stakeholders such as customers and employees 2017 Results of customer satisfaction survey 2016, its follow-up survey 2017 as well as the employee satisfaction survey were evaluated in 2017 ++
Continuous improvement and development of our Management Systems ongoing “Process Description and Procedure Platform” was introduced to further subsidiaries and organizational units in order to align standard procedures. Document will be made available to all GEA employees. ++
Establishing of a OneGEA Quality & HSE Organization 2017/2018 In 2017, the Quality & HSE organization was adapted to the new OneGEA organization. GEA set up three different levels of responsibilities: the Governance and Excellence functions are established, Regions & Countries’ organization is ongoing. +
Expanding of umbrella certificates for more GEA sites ongoing GEA umbrella certificate includes now the former refrigeration entities as well as the flow driven entities GEA integrated first three production sites of the Business Area Solution Initial certification of GEA Food Solutions Germany GmbH was achieved in Wallau ++

Occupational Health and Safety

Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Continuous reduction of accidents   2017 In 2017, the total number of accidents was reduced by 22 accidents (2016 = 264, 2017 = 242).   ++
Lost Day Frequency Rate 2017 = 6.01   2017 6.18  
Lost Day Severity Rate 2017 = 110.72   2017 172  
Introduction of further Key Performance Indicators to evaluate “near misses” (Total Injury Rate, Pro-Active Incident Rate, Extension of Lost Day Accidents by contractors)   2017 New KPIs were introduced to the global HSE managers on site. KPIs are followed-up via sustainability software All GEA sites record so-called “near misses”.   ++
Further reinforcement Of safety culture via information and awareness training     2017 GEA conducted different trainings in order to collect, track and analyze the “near misses”. New KPI raises awareness for potential risks, thus helping to reduce the number of accidents. HSE Core Rules were defined and translated in 13 languages in order to provide guidance for the global GEA sites   ++
Pro-active Injury Rate (PAIR) 2017 = 60.00   2017 97.1   ++
Definition of a global GEA Care health management   2017/2018 GEA prepares a group-wide “GEA Care” health management in cooperation with the groups work council. Topics: stress management and mindfulness   +

Energy & Environment

Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Introduction and maintenance of energetic and sustainable selection criteria into the GEA Purchasing Policy   ongoing Project to develop a “GEA Supplier Codes of Conduct” was initialized in 2017 Environmental selection criteria for suppliers are not defined so far. +
Expanding of sustainability reporting content within the GEA Annual Report 2017   2017, ongoing GEA’s sustainability report (non-financial statement) 2017 was expanded covering now detailed sustainability performance disclosures for greenhouse gas emissions and occupational health and safety. GHG emissions are now collected on a monthly basis For the first time, KPMG performed an independent limited assurance engagement on selected sustainability performance disclosures included in GEA’s Non-financial statement 2017. Water and waste form now part of the environmental system. GEA is preparing disclosures to be released in GEA’ sustainability report 2018.   ++
Development and manufacturing of products and technologies to further improve the sustainable benefit of energy, water and air   ongoing In its innovation strategy, GEA has identified sustainability as one of the six strategic innovation fields. Currently no KPIs planned that cover this target   +
Implementation of Energy and Environmental Management Systems which are appropriate for the organization Regarding type and scope of the energy consumption, and requirements of sustainable economic activities    2017, ongoing GEA sites with an implemented energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 have passed the respective third party surveillance audit, and thus proved to continuously improve the energy efficiency. GEA conducted a group-wide internal survey covering energy saving projects: As a result we have received notifications about 65 projects of 20 production sites in 2017. GEA has rolled-out environmental KPIs for water and waste that will be computed by a sustainability software. ++


++ Target Achieved 
+ In Process 
– Target not achieved

Goals 2018


Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Integrating 14 companies into the GEA certification umbrella 2018 New goal
Initial certification of two companies 2018 New goal
Implementing the recommendations from Legal Compliance Audits 2018 New goal
Approving and rolling-out of extended Codes of Conduct 2018 New goal
Establishing new Incident Management Team and training of core members 2018 New goal
Improving internal and external communication of Quality & HSE topics 2018 New goal


Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Development of global Quality Core Rules 2018 New goal
Further development of Process Description and Procedure Platform 2018 New goal

Occupational Health and Safety 

Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Core Target: 0 Accidents Ongoing New goal
Lost Day Frequency Rate 2018 ≤ 6,0 2018 New goal
Lost Day Severity Rate 2018 ≤ 130 2018 New goal
Pro-Active Injury Rate (PAIR) 2018 ≥ 65 2018 New goal
Introduction of a Health Management Pilot Project 2018 New goal

Energy & Environment

Targets Time Initiatives and actions Status
Continuous reduction of CO2 emissions by 1,5% Ongoing New goal
Development of global Environmental Core Rules 2018 New goal
Improving internal and external communication of the QHSE-topics of sustainability ongoing New goal
Improving reporting for water and waste and integration at Sustainability Report 2018 2018 New goal