GEA products and services support customers by making their business processes more efficient and reducing their environmental Impact. Likewise, GEA strives to mitigate the environmental impact of its own business activities.

Specific targets and initiatives are individually defined by each site and in line with GEA’s global QHSE targets. For more information on how GEA manages its environmental impact, please refer to the section, Joint management approach for quality, health, safety and the environment, found in our Annual Report.

Reducing our global CO2 emissions, increasing our recycling rate and minimizing water consumption are high on our agenda today and in the future. To show how important this is for GEA, appropriate targets have been included this year in the remuneration system of the Executive Board.– Stefan Klebert, CEO, GEA

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

GEA regularly provides information about the risks and opportunities that arise from climate change and as a result of climate protection measures.

Read more about our greenhouse gas reporting >>

Safeguarding resources

GEA began recording water consumption and waste generation levels worldwide in the third quarter of 2017. This is GEA’s first group-wide reporting system for covering this topic which helps it to reinforce the conservation of resources.

Find out more in our Annual Report >>

> 1.5% less CO2 emitted in 2018
> Metal, which accounted for 82% of our total waste, was 100% recycled

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