Work with great people

Yes, our employees are great people and we are not ashamed to say this because they make GEA what it is. And what makes them even greater is that they go that extra mile every day, in a pleasant, collaborative atmosphere. With an open mindset and respect for each other, working hard to achieve their goals together. That’s what makes working at GEA so unique. But why not listen to what they have to say?

Francois Russel
François Russell, Head of Distribution, Storage & Climate Control at GEA in France & North Africa

I’ve always wanted to understand the technical side of things. That’s why I became an engineer. But it’s just as important to make sure that people can work together in the best circumstances and that they understand very clearly what their objectives and challenges are. As a manager, my main goal is to keep everyone moving forward together.

Nancy Zhu
Nancy Zhu, Head of Sales Channel Support at GEA in China

I worked for a competitor for several years, but it’s clear to me that GEA is more agile and makes decisions a lot faster. I’m finding it fascinating to learn new things every day and to share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues.

Check out what it means to work for GEA in this short video about Karl who has been with us for 26 years

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