Pride. That is the overarching sentiment that shines through when employees discuss our technology. And they’re right to be proud, because GEA is one of the world’s leading engineering companies offering innovative solutions for sophisticated production processes. Whether you help develop this future technology in our R&D centres, whether you sell it or maintain it at our customers’ premises, whatever job you do, one thing is for sure: you can always be proud of your work.

Olga Bryzgalova
Olga Bryzgalova, Head of Country Marketing at GEA in Russia

I’ve worked for several marketing agencies with large international accounts, but when I made the switch to the customers’ side I was keen to find a company that fits with what I believe in. At GEA, we deliver innovative engineering that improves the lives of people and animals all over the world.

Philip Adriaense
Philip Adriaense, Sales Engineer Mechanical Separation at GEA in Belgium

Do you know what I think sets us apart from other suppliers? The fact that GEA can offer complete solutions to the challenges our clients face. After all, they’re not asking you to find just one piece of the puzzle; they want you to look at the big picture.