Contribute to a better world

“Yeah, yeah, they all say that.” We can see why you’d think this, and it does sound a little vague. What does contributing to a better world really mean? But if you really want to make a difference and do something meaningful, then read on. Because that is exactly what we do at GEA, with a workforce of 18,000 people around the world. Because we really want to make the world a better place.

Do we need a better world?

Yes, because a lot has changed in recent decades, including the needs of our population. So what exactly are the world’s needs today?

  1. More food, beverages and medicines: More and more people are moving to urban centres because of urbanisation. The middle classes are growing and more people now have higher incomes, resulting in increased demand for better food and medicines.
  2. Safer, better-quality food: To cope with increased demand, we need large-scale industrial production to provide safe, high-quality food, thus increasing the demand for better process reliability.
  3. Doing more with less energy and water: As we all know, water and energy are becoming increasingly scarce commodities and environmental norms are becoming ever stricter, resulting in increased demand for efficient, resource-saving production processes.

So how exactly does GEA offer a valuable answer to this?

  1. With equipment and process technology for processed food, meals, enriched beverages, food and medicines.
  2. With certified hygienic and aseptic processes and equipment to meet the industry’s rigorous requirements.
  3. With intelligent engineering processes for resource-efficient technology, energy-saving machinery and processes and heat recovery.

Okay, we agree, these are all big challenges and advanced solutions. Which is why we at GEA rely on good people. On great employees, who go that extra mile, together, every day.

Watch the video to learn more about sustainable water management technology from GEA

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