To try it is to adopt it!
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To try it is to adopt it!

The GEA Satisfaction Challenge
GEA Hygiene Products
Select one or several GEA hygiene products and try them for 30 days - satisfaction guarantee !

The GEA Satisfaction Challenge allows you to use our hygiene products and take advantage of the know-how and expertise of GEA's on-farm service team.

Be among those who already appreciate GEA Hygiene products by participating in the GEA Satisfaction Challenge. This challenge consists in purchasing selected GEA products and trying them for 30 days. Our experts will assist you throughout this period, helping you to harvest superior quality milk by providing top-notch overall hygiene for your cows and equipment. No doubt you are going to give an enthusiastic thumbs-up to that!

The GEA Satisfaction Challenge is for a limited time. Registration until December 12th, 2020. See below the qualified products including teat dips, detergents and sanitizer.

Teat Dips

Teat Dips

Teat Kote 10/III (post dip) - 1% iodine  
Theratec Plus (pre and post dip) - 0.5% iodine

  • Superior skin conditioning
  • Help protect cows' udders from bacterial invasion
  • Natural formulation - No dyes or thickeners added. Dries quickly so that bedding material does not adhere to teat.
  • Maintains pH for consistent, effective and gentle performance
  • Extensively tested - NMC protocol
Non Iodine Teat Dips

Post Milking Non-Iodine Teat Dip


  • Helps protect cows' udders from bacteria invasion
  • Very powerful and effective germicide
  • Excellent at skin exfoliation, bringing the new and healthy teat skin to the forefront
  • Extensively tested - NMC protocol
CIP Chlorinated Alkaline Detergents

C.I.P. Chlorinated Alkaline Detergents

CircoPower 332
CircoPower 222
Liquid Pfite

Heavy Duty C.I.P. Chlorinated Alkaline Liquid Detergent with high solid sequestrant levels

  • Provide an effective cleaning at a lower cost per wash
  • Different formulas allow for finding the perfect match to a specific cleaning need
  • Environmentally friendly
CIP Acid Detergent

C.I.P. Acid Detergent

Circo Power RSF

  • Effective in the removal of milk stone and mineral deposits
  • Provides the best results at lower cost per wash
  • Prevents many types of scale formations including barium salts
CIP Sanitizer

C.I.P. Sanitizer


  • Significantly reduces the number of bacteria in the milking system
  • Biodegradable, degrades to carbon dioxide and water with no lasting effect on soil quality
  • Safe on metal surfaces and non-corrosive to stainless steel when used as directed
Satisfaction guarantee!



We have no doubt that this challenge is going to be a good opportunity for you to try and appreciate GEA hygiene products. Why don't you share your thumps-up full satisfaction picture by sending it through GEA Farming - Canada Facebook page, we can't wait to see!

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