GEA In-Liner Everything harvests high-quality milk in one attachment
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GEA In-Liner Everything harvests high-quality milk in one attachment

GEA's proven In-Liner Everything technology performs every step of the milking process, stimulation, teat cleaning, forestripping, milk harvest and post-dipping, in a single attachment.
GEA In-Liner Everything milking steps
One and done teat cup attachment

High-quality milk in one attachment

Proper stimulation at every milking
GEA robots are equipped with patented and legendary StimoPuls technology - a mechanical stimulation system backed by decades of use with GEA pulsators on conventionnal parlors. StimoPuls stimulation begins as soon as the teat cup attaches, at the same time as cleaning in an ideally timed sequence.

Superior teat cleaning process
Each teat gets their own individual teat cup for cleaning, there are no shared cleaning cups or brushes. This hygienic process helps prevent cross-contamination of mastitis-causing bacteria from teat to teat.

Forestripping and milk analysis - Keep quality milk in the tank
Part of the In-Liner Everything prep process is to extract those first few streams of milk from each teat. This milk undergoes a rigorous evaluation procedure through a system of milk sensors that replace the operator's eyes and supports the decision-making process.

Milking like no other
GEA's Milking Phylosophy:

  • Safeguard milk quality - We've taken decades of milking intelligence and transferred that knowledge and best practices to the many facets of robotic milking.
  • Protect teat-end health - GEA robotic milking systems utilize the highest quality liners engineered to fit a wide variety of teat sizes for gentle, efficient milking.
  • Minimize milking time - Quick milk-outs are the goal of every milking system and are even more important in box milking systems to maximize milking per cow per day.
  • Benefit from quarter detach - When one quarter reaches the milk flow detach threshold, the milking process for that teat stops. The milk-decision valve closes, post-dipping occurs, vacuum stops and the teat cup is removed.

Post-dipping done right
Proper post-dipping is important with voluntary, box robotic milking systems because cows don't necessarily follow group milking behaviors or schedules. Cows can immediately lay down in a soiled stall after milking, when the teats have not had a chance to sufficiently close. In this situation, ideal teat dip coverage is essential.

Proven safe. Proven effective. Proven reliable. GEA In-Liner Everything.

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