Chosen 10,000 times for 10,000 good reasons
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Chosen 10,000 times for 10,000 good reasons

10,000 times and going strong, our customers decide the GEA spreader is the preferred choice over any other manufacturer.

GEA manure spreaders, chosen for performance, reliability and innovation

GEA steerable manure spreaders offer excellent maneuverability and agility. Features include proven power steering system, hydraulic suspension, and an advanced weight transfer system. This option allows the operator to shift the load toward the tractor by lifting the front axle for increased traction, easier pull, and better fuel economy.

Combining lightness and strength, the non-steerable manure spreader with tandem remains an efficient and economical option. The tandem axle is designed with a full-length central tube, providing more resistance to twisting than conventional open tandem axles. Its "V"-shape design lowers the reservoir reducing the height of the center of gravity for greater stability. With this design, the wheels are located closer to the reservoir reducing the flex on the axle.

Reasons why GEA provides the most dependable and reliable spreaders on the market:

  • The simple and effective steering system for superior maneuverability
  • Stainless steel tank welded inside and out for increased durability
  • Swivel hitch for better interaction between tractor and spreader
  • Epoxy primer and urethane paint finish for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Industry standard-setting tank shape style design
  • Bolt on components for easy maintenance
  • Specially-designed suspension system for minimal compaction
  • Limited maintenance requirements

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